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Types of naturism in history of naturism
Sep 22nd 19

types of naturism Marc Alain Descamps in his study written in French, classified the types of naturism as: individual nudism, nudism within family, nudism in the wild, social nudism. Additionally, mil...

Global naturism in naturism around the world
Sep 22nd 19

global naturism Naturism is a global phenomenon. It is practiced around the world in many different countries. Sometimes in secret (China, India, America) sometimes very openly (Germany, Spain, Englan...

Eden ahbez in people
Oct 19th 19

eden ahbez was part of a Lebensreform group located in California called the nature boys. He wrote the song Nature Boy about his life. That song was recorded by Nat King Cole and became a huge hit....

Jakob Bohme in history of naturism
Nov 30th 19

Jakob Bohme (1575-1624) was a German philosopher, christian mystic and Lutheran Protestant theologian who lived in the late 16th and early 17th century.  He started the spiritual practice of behmiani...

LadyGod1va in people
Sep 21st 19

LadyGod1va LadyGod1va is the nom de plume of a naturist activist resident of Britain came to notability in 2010 when she posed nude on the Plinth monument in the UK Inspired by something she saw on th...

LadyGod1va in people
Sep 21st 19

Nacktkultur in terminology
Sep 19th 19

Nacktkultur See fkk...

American Association for Nude Recreation in naturist organizations
May 24th 18

Introduction Described as the largest organization of its kind in North America. The organization  has served individuals throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond as well as over 200 n...

Nudist pageants in history of naturism
Sep 19th 19

nudist pageants During the so-called golden age of nudism in America it was not uncommon for nudist groups to host pageants. The pageants often included both men and women chosen to be  crowned camp ...

How to take a naturist selfie - nelfie in how to
Sep 14th 19

Nelfies are all the rage these days but not all selfies are good selfies. Here are some tips for taking good clothes free selfies.   click the arrows lower right expand full screen...