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Freilichtpark in history of naturism
May 25th 20

Freilichtpark (in English, "Free Light Park"), was opened in 1903 by Paul Zimmerman near Hamburg, Germany.  It was the first naturist park/club in the world....

Naturist nudist magazines in magazines
Mar 29th 20

Naturist/nudist magazines have existed almost since the beginning of modern naturism. The first European nudist magazine Gymnos appeared in print in 1921. It was followed soon after by the H & E - Hea...

Rudolph Johnson in people
May 20th 20

Rudolph Johnson, (Rudy the Nudie) born May 20, 1886, was the founder of the Cobblestone Suntanners club near Yelm, Washington in 1946, co-founder of the Northwest Sunbathing Association in 1947, and p...

Diane Webber in people
May 18th 20

Diane Webber aka Marguerite Empey, was a model actress who was a regular subject of nude photography in America. She was a popular pin up model. After adopting nudism she appeared on the cover and in ...

Donald Johnson in people
May 11th 20

Donald Johnson who also wrote under the name John Ball, created the character of Det.Virgil Tibbs of In the Heat of the Night and 6 other novels and two short stories. One of his novels The Cool Cotto...

Onsen hot springs in naturist activities
May 10th 20

In Japanese culture non sexual social nudity is practiced commonly at hot springs called onsen. This therapeutic baths usually require to total nudity while using the facility. This is differs from cl...

Body Freedom Collaborative in naturist organizations
May 10th 20

The Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC) was founded in Seattle by Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel with a mission to advance the integration and acceptance of non-sexual social nudity in a variety of public...

Naturist safari in naturist activities
May 10th 20

Naturist safari (game drives) is available at SunEden Resort in South Africa, for a true back to nature experience.

TNS in terminology
May 5th 20

TNS See The Naturist Society...

Lee Baxandall in people
May 5th 20

Lee Baxandall was born in 1935 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In 1975 He founded the Free the Free Beach Committee to protest a proposed ban on nudity at a clothing optional beach in Cape Cod  Along with Eu...