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Naturist moviesinmovies, music media and art
Apr 21st 19

What exactly defines naturist movies is something that is the source of significant debate. Does it have to deal with directly with the topic? Is non sexual nudity enough to qualify as naturist or nudist? Do the skin flicks of the sixties count?   We have a list of naturist and naturist themed movies in our movie database. The also have some movie

Naturism and the environmentinsocial issues
Jul 29th 18

Naturism has been one of the precursory movements of ecology. Never before did I get so close to Nature; never before did she come so close to me... Nature was naked, and I was also... Sweet, sane, still Nakedness in Nature! - ah if poor, sick, prurient humanity in cities might really know you once more! Is not nakedness indecent? No, not

May 27th 18

Some segments of Hinduism practice Nakedness as a spiritual practice Naga Sadhu  

The Elysium Instituteinhistory
Aug 5th 18

The Elysium Institute was founded in Topanga Canyon California in the 1960's.

Edith Churchinpeople
Jul 29th 18

Edith Church a member of the National Nudist Council helped spearhead establishing nudist camps in the Midwest United States After Ilsley Boone publishing company went out of business leaving him broke, Church provided a place for him to live until his death in 1968

Colonialism and indigenous naturisminsocial issues
Jul 29th 18

Colonialism and indigenous naturism were opposite forces during the colonial period. It is an often forgetten fact that the majority of the world lived and continue to love in tropical climates. Nakedness in society was normative for many of those cultures up until the Middle Ages and the birth of colonialism. Native people who previously practiced

Naturism and racisminsocial issues
May 28th 18

Naturism and racism have a history like all social interactions. While historically naturists have promoted a naturist ideal of egalitarianism and equality, it has not always been so in practice. Naturists and nudists have not always loved up to the ideal of inclusiveness they often promote. White washed history One way that racism has presented

International Skinny Dip Dayincalendar days
Jul 11th 18

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR NUDE RECREATION HAS OFFICIALLY DESIGNATED THE SECOND SATURDAY IN JULY AS INTERNATIONAL SKINNY DIP DAY. Skinny-dipping, a wholesome tradition as old as mankind and frequently honored in art and movies, celebrates the natural joy of plunging into water without the hindrance of clothing. To celebrate this rite of summer, the

Religion and naturisminsocial issues
Jul 29th 18

Religions worldwide have varying rules and norms about the naked body which influence the participation of their adherents.

Naturism and veganisminsocial issues
Jul 29th 18

As individuals in society seek a return to a more natural way of living there is an increase in the practices of naturism and veganism. I’m very eco friendly. I’m a vegan nudist.” Naturism and food In his work called the Naturist Society Project psychologist Marc Descamps describes one aspect of the relationship between naturists and the food