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Natourism in terminology
Feb 15th 20

natourism describes the growing trend among those with disposable incomes of going on naturist vacations nakation. People who are natourist typically do not practice social naturism when they are not ...

Naturist weddings in naturist activities
Sep 21st 19

naturist weddings have long been a part of naturist and clothes free life. Add to this page...

Naturism in Colorado in United States
Jan 26th 20

Jakob Bohme in history of naturism
Nov 30th 19

Jakob Bohme (1575-1624) was a German philosopher, christian mystic and Lutheran Protestant theologian who lived in the late 16th and early 17th century.  He started the spiritual practice of behmiani...

Behmianism in history of naturism
Nov 30th 19

Considered by some a precursor to modern European naturism was a spiritual practice started by Jacob Bohme a German mystic who lived in the late 16th and early 17th century.  a   Bohme offered a spi...

American Nudist Research Library in naturist organizations
Nov 17th 19

The American Nudist Research Library was founded in 1979 by Read and Jayne Schuster. In 2015 ANRL began digitizing it’s collection scanning paper documents. There is also a project underway to lin...

Christiane Lecocq in people
Nov 11th 19

Christiane Lecocq along with her husband founded the first naturist resort in France and helped start the International Naturist Federation. Christiane discovered naturism in 1932 at a sports club. Th...

Naked indoor swimming in U.S. in North America
Nov 10th 19

naked swimming in U.S. It was once normal and required for men to swim naked in public swimming at venues like the YMCA and schools. In fact it’s been less than fifty years since the requirement to ...

Wellington Naturist Club in New Zealand
Oct 14th 19

The Wellington (NZ) Sun Club, now the Wellington Naturist Club, was founded in 1951 by Perc. Cousins. The property at Upper Hutt, 12 acres, was purchased in 1955. Initially Wellington naturists used a...

How to make your first visit to a naturist venue a success in how to
Sep 14th 19

Thinking of going social with your clothes free life? Then explore this quick time for make your first visit to a clothes free venue a success...