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Laguna del Sol

1st time Experiencing going to a Nude Resort

On my Birthday I decided to enhance my nudist journey by trying a nude resort. Living in Northern Californina didn’t think there were any that was so close to where I live so it was exciting to know there’s one about 35 minutes away! Tucked in a nice corner out in the country, you arrive at these double gates with registration parking on the right. I went to the front desk and mentioned I was a 1st time visitor, the lady was nice had me have a seat and brought me info about the resort and filled a brief form and informed me that she arranged for a guide to give me a tour and she would be right out. Shortly after, the tour guide gave me a warm friendly greeting and we sat and she broke down the rules, regulations and amenities¬†of the resort. Then we walked out to her golf cart and took a ride all over the resort ( which is pretty impressive, literally a community) nice views in nature, a lake, multiple pools, saunas abundance of camping options, suites, personal cabin/park model options to stay, restaurant, boutique, access to bikes, my favorite a gazebo full of hammocks, hiking trails, access to boats/paddleboats, tennis courts, archery, other game options, rec center and a dance hall. I’m sure I’m missing other things this place offered so much. I was amazed how comfortble, relaxing and welcoming it was almost everyone I passed was friendly and just enjoying the moment! I’m definitely going back! Definitely the best Birthday I’ve had!

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