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naturist swimming

Swimming is a very popular activity among nudists and naturists. When you go swimming at ‘regular’ venues (clothed) you already wear very little. Removing those little bits of (often expensive) cloth makes for a much nicer experience, especially after leaving the water. Nothing sticks to your body, nor does it get cold when there’s a bit of wind. Skinny dipping or chunky dunking are two of the terms naturist use when describing swimming without clothes.

Those who prefer to do their swimming in nature frequent nude, naturist and clothing optional beaches. Though finding a favorite spot for a skinny dip or chunky dunk can be challenging some web sites and apps 1) can help in the effort.

Many naturist organizations sponsor regular naturist swims at indoor pools. These swims are most commonly held at public pools in urban and town centers of Britain, and Europe and in some places in Canada. In the US naturist swims are restricted by public stigma to polls located in clothing optional or naturist venues.

wild swimming

Some naturists go wild swimming. Wild swimming is swimming in the case of naturists skinny dipping in rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, streams and other bodies of water in the wild. Wild swimmers tend to look for places that  are not heavily trafficked for their wild swims. 2)Outdoor Wild Swimming’ Beginner’s Guide. Wild swimmers go swimming in every season. Many wild swimmers prefer the freedom of abandonment in the wilds of nature to crowds of nude beaches or indoor naturist swims.

As a wild swimmer I know that a friendly covering of blubber helps me to withstand the nip of cold water. I can forget to shave my legs (or shave one and lose interest as a friend did recently). I can strip and leap in with alacrity, knowing that the men and women I’m with are too busy enjoying themselves to judge my physique.

Wild swimming seems to be very popular among British and Irish naturists 3)Wild swimming – pants off, trousers down

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