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Nudism, also called naturism, is the practice of being naked whenever the opportunity is available.

Modern nudism exists since the early 1900s. Its origins lie in Germany, where the “Frei Körper Kultur”, the Free Body Culture emerged. 1)A German Affair

From Germany it spread out to the Netherlands and England, and from there it progressed all over the world.

One myth nudism is constantly facing is that it is associated with sex. This is definitely not the fact. Nudists try to live an ordinary life. They just don’t want the constraints of clothing while they live that life.

Because of the negative connotation the word nudism has in many parts of the world, people started calling it naturism. For some naturism and nudism are the same thing. For others there is a distinct difference between those two terms.

Many nudists resort to their home to be nude. From this comes the term ‘home nudism’. Home nudism brings the freedom of a clothes free life to a safe environment. A problem home nudists can face is that the people living in the same home are opposed to seeing nudity. Legal problems home nudists need to be aware of is that in many countries it is not allowed to be nude in their own house if they can be seen from outside.

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