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naturism in winter

Self Portrait, Nude w/ Socks Porte Ste. Cloud,...
Self Portrait, Nude w/ Socks Porte Ste. Cloud, France 1987 (Photo credit: bfraz)

naturism in cold weather

Naturists who live the northern hemisphere  or temperate climate zone have to decide  if they will hibernate from their naked life or stay nude. Despite falling temps their are things that naturists can do to stay nude and warm during the cold winter months. No need to envy the folks down under. Check out the guide below.

Many people spend years being nude at home before doing naturist activities outdoors. Here are some tips for being naturist in cold weather areas.

  • Buy a portable space heater. 1)Best portable space heaters – rv livingA good one can be bought for around $40 or $50 US. Place it in the room that you spend the most time in. Be sure to get a portable one so it can be moved from room to room. This avoids turning up the heat for the whole house to stay warm.
  • Invest in a warm robe. When moving from room to room where there may not be heat o to a warm temperature. This will help you to stay warm.
  • Get some matching toe socks or fluffy slippers. Keeping the feet warm can go along way to staying warm all over while nude in the winter time.
  • Use layers of covers on the bed. Sleeping nude is one of the best aspects of nude life. The body can regulate its own temperature in most situations. Having several layers on the body thin layer first then heavier layers on top of that will allow easy adjustment of warmth to match body temperatures for comfortably sleeping nude.
  • Take hot showers at night and again in the morning. Sleeping under layers of covers can make the body sweat so a morning shower cleanses as well as warms the body for the day. A nighttime shower warms up the body before sleeping and actually helps promote sleep.
  • Drink warm beverages. Teas, soups and even coffee will help to warm the body from the inside out.
  • Workout or exercise. A round of exercise on a treadmill, or power yoga will get the blood flowing and warm the body.
  • Hang out with nudie friends who have good heat. Seriously a nudie friend who has a hot tub is even better. So call em up office to bring the wine beer or munchies. Have a nudie winter gathering, a game night or watch football or basketball games. Lots of people in the room will keep the temperature up. Attend a YNA indoor gathering.
  • Cuddle up with someone you love. This will not only keep you warm, but it feels great too.

Share your nudie winter survival guide tips.

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