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naked running

Naked running isn’t a historically new phenomenon. It is believed that in 720 b.c. a runner in the fifteenth Greek Olympics named Orsippus either lost or took off his loincloth. 1)A BRIEF, STRIPPED DOWN HISTORY OF RUNNING NAKED: WEIRD RUNNING HISTORY Some believe the choice was intentional and allowed him to go on to win the race and be the first naked Olympian crowned. Nudity was a symbol of Greek strength and virility. Initially associated with the citizens of the city date Sparta. Spartan women were said to work out in the nude.

Since these days of the Greek Olympiad clothing has traditionally been wore while running. Some runners many who are naturists are asking why should we wear clothing while running. 2)Should you run naked?. The ability of the body to self regulate its temperature has been cited as one of the reasons to run without any clothing.

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