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naked indoor swimming in U.S.

naked swimming in U.S.

It was once normal and required for men to swim naked in public swimming at venues like the YMCA and schools. In fact it’s been less than fifty years since the requirement to swim naked was removed. 1)Until Fairly Recently, The YMCA Actually Required Swimmers To Be Nude

Though the requirement applied only to boys and men 2)When boys swam nakedWhen boys swam naked the reason given was the swim suits of the dates made of wool were a public health problem. They also created problems for the filtration systems of the first indoor pools.

At indoor pools used exclusively by men nude bathing should be required,” says a document published by the American Public Health Association in 1926. “At indoor pools used exclusively by women bathing suits should be of the simplest type.”

Though not every appreciated the requirement 3)A Brief, Humiliating History Of Swimming In Gym Class naturists have always questioned the point of wearing a swimming costume. 4)Why Society Is Better Off Swimming Nude Without Bathing Suits

Boys and girls participated in swim meets without any negative effects on female participants or spectators.  Some teenage school boys never saw past the titillating novel aspect of being naked among their peers. 5)A Sprout Among the Green Giants: Tales of Naked Swimming at my Public High School This provides another rational for the promotion of non-sexual nudity practiced by naturists.



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