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Legally it is against the law to go nude in public in Jamaica. Naturism in Jamaica is not common. Organized naturism and social nudism is not socially accepted or widely practiced. 1) Caribbean nudist . However, it is possible to enjoy naked freedom in a legal way in Jamaica.  The island is home to several clothing optional resorts,  Some of the so called clothing optional resorts are better characterized as “lifestyle” (swinger) resorts operated for “lifestyle” vacation.

The statute Redemption Song by sculptor Laura Facey2)Laura Facey – Redemption Song has a place of prominence in Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica. It was the source of some controversy when unveiled to reveal clothes free representations a man and woman.3)Size does matter, Jamaicans decide

Redemption Song by Laura Facey Emancipation Park Kingston Jamaica

 “…I see two human beings, two black human beings, one male, one female, standing in ‘the healing stream.’ They are resplendent in their purity; their heads are raised heavenwards in prayer…yes, this is a prayer – the work is a silent hymn of communion with, and thanksgiving to, the almighty.”

“Their nudity is part of their potency – it is part of the meaning of their emancipation; their rebirth into freedom. They stand there as a symbol of the naked truth of the argument of emancipation; the truth that we are all equal in the eyes of God…”

Excerpt from letter by Dr. David Boxer, Director Emeritus/Chief Curator, National Gallery of Jamaica

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