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Ilsley Boone

Reverend Ilsley Boone a baptist pastor was a pioneer of th nudist movement in the United States.

In 1936 Rev. Ilsley Boone, considered the “czar”of the nudist movement in the USA,1)A brief history of nudism in America fought success- fully to win official recognition for the First Amendment rights of nudist publications.

Rev. Ilsley (‘Uncle Danny’) Boone was president of the American Sunbathing Association (the pre cursor to the ( American Association for Nude Recreation) for 21 years the organization. In 1935 he bought Sunshine Park near Mays Landing, NJ and made it the headquarters of the ASA. Years later after several attempts and a court case Boone was ousted as the head of the ASA.

In 1963 Boone’s publishing company went out of business leaving him broke. Boone died in 1968 at a time when participation in nudism in America was starting to ebb. At the time of his death he lived in a home provided by Edith Church a member of the National Nudist Council

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