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how to write a naturist blog

Blogging is a popular activity among naturists. When done well naturist blogging can be highly rewarding for blogger and reader. Many significant naturist sites have blog posts sections. Some web sites even start out as simple blogs.


Decide on a topic

Decide on a topic that is of personal interest and meaning. Writing a naturist blogging is more than just reblogging naked photos of other people. Tumblr before it’s sale and purge was notorious for “blog” that were nothing more than nude photo collections that were reblogged from person to person. Instead blog posts that share a particular interest like crocheting, gardening or even working out are likely to find a genuine naturist audience.

Pick a blogging platform

There are several blogging platform that can host your naturist blog for free. WordPress and Blogspot are among some of the most popular. Tumblr was also popular until it recent sale and change in policy by new owners.   Some new blogging platforms are not as naturist friendly.

Start writing consistently

For a blog of any kind to be successful it has to have new content consistently. Consider setting a schedule and sticking to it. Whether you post something new daily, once a week (recommended)or once a month do post so reader will continue to return and share your blog with others.

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