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how to sleep like a naturist

Sleeping clothes free is a great way to get started with clothes free living. Here is our guide to sleeping like a naturist au naturel.

It turns out that sleeping like a naturist naked that is has many benefits. Beyond not putting on clothes just to go to bed, science has determined several physical and emotional benefits to sleeping in the buff.1)Top 10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Here are some of the common scientifically proven benefits.

  • Fall asleep faster.
  • Sleep quality.
  • Healthy skin – Letting the skin breathe instead of being enclosed in clothing all the time
  • Reduce stress –
  • Healthy weight.
  • Lower diabetes risk.
  • Vaginal health – Women benefit from a reduction in yeast infections
  • Male fertility – Like women, men also benefits from keeping the genital areas clothes free and cool..

getting started

If you aren’t used to direct skin contact with bedding it’s a good idea to start slow. Consider decreasing the amount of clothes worn to bed over time until you sleep fully undressed. Taking a warm shower before heading to bed can be a pleasant preparation for sleeping naked. Prepare by having adequate bed covers or a warm enough room temperate. Over time your body will self regulate for heat.

sleep like a naturist 24/7 365

Sleeping like a naturist living in the tropics or during summer month may seem easy.  It might seem like more of a challenge during cold weather seasons and in colder regions. A change in temperature doesn’t have to mean a change in a clothes free sleep routine. Intentional naturists take a few relevant steps so they can continue to sleep like a naturist all year round.  Here are a couple tips:

  • If you have central heating and cooling, purchase a portable heater to heat the bedroom to a comfortable temperature. Use your portable heater when the heat in the rest of the house goes down while you sleep.
  • Use layers of bed covers and blankets to adjust to changing temperatures.
  • Invest in an electric blanket.

It is never too late to start sleeping naked and get all the benefits to health and life. 2)Benefits to being Naked

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