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how to do naturist meditation

Meditation is a centering practice designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves and the way we respond to the world around us. 1)Naked Meditation; How To Perform A Meditation Without Clothes. Naturist meditation or mindful meditation without clothing is a simple way to enhance your naturist experience and add a spiritual dimension.

Find a quiet spot

A quiet spot away from distractions and daily concerns is essential for a meditation session.  Whether indoor or outdoor avoid areas that are cluttered or tend to be high traffic. If you choose to be outdoors a secluded spot is preferred so there are no worries or concerns about being seen naked.

Seated meditation

Get comfortable

Lose the distraction of clothing and  find a comfortable place to sit. This could be a chair, meditation chair or cushion.

Quiet your mind

It is a common misconception that the goal of meditation is to clear or empty the mind. When a great effort is put into clear the mind we actually end up thinking more thoughts. Instead focus on quieting the mind and not getting distracted by thoughts. Removing clothing is a significant step to removing distractions.


Breathing is a critical part of mindful mediation. When we put the focus on the breath not our  thoughts  we can be more present in the moment.

Watch video

Meditation music

Though not required  some people find music is helpful to set the mood for meditation. The sounds of waves at the beach or animals in the woods can also provide an appropriate soundscape for meditation.  Some prefer silence and focusing only on the sound of the breath. Others use guided meditations

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