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clothing optional hot springs

A visit to a clothing optional hot springs is a fun healing experience of outdoor nude recreation for naturists.

Soaking in hot springs is not safe for everyone. Some people, including pregnant women, children, elderly adults, people with high blood pressure or other heart conditions and people taking prescription medications, may experience a serious health risk soaking in hot springs. Consult your medical provider to determine a safe, process in visiting a hot spring.

Hot springs popular

Hot springs or hot pools are popular all over the world, particularly in France, Germany, New Zealand 1) New Zealand Hot Poolsand Switzerland. A visit to a clothing optional hot springs 2) First-timers guide to clothing optional hot springs is a great opportunity to soak in in all the benefits of a hot springs clothes free.

Benefits of clothing optional hot springs

There are many benefits to a soaking in a hot spring. All will be enhanced by being clothes free. Here are a few of the benefits commonly cited by those who frequent hot springs

  • It helps boost circulation
  • It is relaxing and de-stressing
  • May provide relief from chronic pain
  • Can help with some skin conditions
  • Heat clears congested nasal passages

Visiting a clothing optional hot spring

The first thing to consider is whether the hot spring is clothing optional. Not all hot spring locations allow or encourage being clothes free. Some actively discourage it and being clothes free can result in arrest or a fine. 3)Skinny-Dipper Crackdown

Some hot springs are located in remote areas, off hiking trails on public lands that may not easily accessible, plan your trip accordingly. Some may not accessible during the summer months. Other hot spring are located in private facilities that charge a fee. Many but not all hot springs are fed by natural springs. Some private facilities may not. Be sure to do research if that is important to you.

Etiquette at a clothing optional hot spring

There is etiquette to be considered using a hot spring and in particular a clothing optional one. If your hot spring of choice is private rather than public but sure to check the policy in advance as some may have a quota or couples/adults only policy. Be prepared to encounter mixed gender, mixed age and a mix of clothed and clothes free people 4) Adventures of Soaking With Naked People At Terwilliger Hot Springs especially at hot springs on public lands. Hot springs in Japan are called Onsens. They are typically clothing optional or clothes free but gender segregated.

Naturism is the practice of clothing optional communal nudity in a non-erotic setting, with a commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, and without discrimination based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, lifestyle or socio-economic background.

The purpose of preserving the naturist culture is to encourage body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others, and caring for the environment. The property provides a pristine, rustic and peaceful setting in which to enjoy the benefits of a naturist lifestyle including feelings of physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being, as well as a sense of freedom and relaxation.”

as outlined by OLT’s Founders

Hot springs in the US

While there are hot springs scattered across the United States, however not all are clothing optional. The western states of the US particularly California 5)California hot springs and Oregon 6)Soak Oregon seem to have a high concentration of clothing optional hot springs.

We have been compiling listings clothing optional hot springs in the naturist web directory (See map below). Not all hot springs we know of are in the listing only ones that a clearly clothing optional. If there is a clothing optional hot springs you know that isn’t listed in the directory consider adding it to the directory.

We hope this helps you to take a visit to a clothing optional hot spring off your naturist bucket list.

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