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Christiane Lecocq

Christiane Lecocq along with her husband founded the first naturist resort in France and helped start the International Naturist Federation. 1)Christiane Lecocq, champion of ‘social nudity’

Christiane discovered naturism in 1932 at a sports club. There is where she also met her future husband, Albert. Together, the two would create many naturist resources throughout their lifetimes. In 1949, they began “La Vie au Soleil”. 2)Christiane Lecocq, champion of ‘social nudity’

For the Lecocqs naturism was a way of life: they did not drink or smoke, followed what would now be called a macrobiotic diet, and promoted “social nudity” as offering health and social benefits. 3)Christiane Lecocq, champion of ‘social nudity’

In 1950, Christine and Albert founded la Fédération française de Naturisme and created the foundational values of the naturist lifestyle. That year they also established the world’s first naturist heliotherapy center, located in Montavilet.

Lecocq died in 2015 at age 103. She is well remembered for her many efforts in shaping and supporting naturism around the world.

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