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Nudists say Outer Banks is ideal for skinny-dipping, would love an all-bare beach (via ABC11 Raleigh-Durham)

cfl magazine / July 2, 2019
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I Paint Underpants On Rocks To Criticize Nudity Censorship (via Bored Panda)

web reads & views

As free as the wind blows (via Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin)

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The European Heatwave : Naked living — the sl naturist

commentary / life / wellness

putting the nature back in naturism

cfl magazine / August 18, 2019
guest / life / voices

wnbr la 2019 report guest post mcbelzar

life / report

i ran a naked 5k barefoot all over


cheese bread

life / society

the purge selection – IG style censorship run amuck


Phoenix Soul Yoga – a rising yoga teacher

cfl magazine / March 13, 2019

interview: free the nipple yoga


Men’s Naked Yoga – London

profile / yoga

zoha means light – clothes free yogi you should know


Matt Richardson body positive nudes in nature classics reimagined

cfl magazine / June 13, 2018

The Nudity Project artist Sarah Krause

artists / arts & culture

bare naked creations by Lauren

artists / arts & culture

portraits of people with no clothes – the art of peter d’alessandri

naturist movie database

Nude on the Moon

cfl magazine / March 15, 2019

Sevilla Movie

Free – Short film


The Raw Ones

naturist, clothing optional & nude recreation events

Naked Blacklight Yoga

Sonata Naturist society of Tambaba meeting

Men’s Naked Yoga Chelsea

Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run

naturist book, movie, app resort,web site & event reviews


Naked and Afraid review

Earl D / March 3, 2019

Sevilla Short Film Review

books / review

Visions on the male nude in contemporary art review by Will Forest

apps / review

Naturism in France the app review

movie / review

The Raw Ones review

books / review

Visions on the male nude in contemporary art review by Will Forest

cfl magazine / July 19, 2018

The Undercover Policeman – Rags to Riches – Book 1 guest review

books / review

Gen 13 Bootleg #18 Review

arts & culture / books / review

101 Things to do Naked! A Guide to ‘Dress-Free’ Living

arts & culture / books / review



That's what you will find here. Non sexual clothes free life. Without all the baggage

Seeing the World from your Birthday Suit

Seeing the World from your Birthday Suit, the latest blog from D.J - Thanks to Searching 4 Eden and...

Without Clothes, Life Goes On…..In A Good Way

It's a crisp autumnal morning and you get out of bed to begin the working day. However, you're wearing nothing...

A journey to answer a simple question, why be nude?

It's a question that even to this day I struggle to fully answer as I'm still on a journey of...

What does Naturism mean to me?

The clothes free lifestyle is something I’ve enjoyed over the past few years but I’ve often been thinking, what does...

the challenges of a clothes free advocate

It's not easy trying to find an affordable place to live in one of the most expensive cities in the...


Contact. Human contact. Body to body. Soul to soul. We crave touch, affection, and intimacy from one another. A part...

health and agriculture

We have health problems in this world.   Oodles of them.    Why?       It's been a long...

Adityanudis discusses nudism and Pancasilla

Adityanudis Talks about the connection between nudism and the Indonesian tradition of Pancasilla

Nude Destinations in Canada via: The Naturist Directory

When thinking of nude destinations Canada may not be on the top of your list.  One would often think of...

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This conversation on MEWE prompted the newest naturist yes or no pool

“Friend just sent me this to prove a point cos I was saying Don’t be silly there’s nothing like that out how wrong was I . I am not so sure it’s a serious News channel for Genuine Naturist though” You what’s your take is naked news naturist yes or no?

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African men on rock

the end of an era young naturists of america closes

the end of an era young naturists of america closes

It was only seven years ago that the Young Naturists of America organization started. It's closing in 2017 was still...



This week's Naked Soul Reflection invites us to embrace rest. [spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=13101344" width="100%" height="200px" theme="light" playlist="false" playlist-continuous="false" autoplay="false" live-autoplay="false"...

open fall

open fall

Autumn inspires this week's Naked Soul Reflection, inviting us to be rooted and open even as layers fall. [spreaker type=player...

am I doing it right?

am I doing it right?

In this week's Naked Soul Reflection episode, the question "Am I doing it right?" arises. And...then I invite us to...

naturist sport

naturist sport

vintage magazine covers

vintage magazine covers

first naturists

first naturists

body paint

body paint

the secret life of a naturist


the secret life of a naturist #85 – something fishy


The secret life of a naturist #84 – shower complexity


The secret life of a naturist #83 anxiety issues


the secret life of a naturist – notice anything


the secret life of a naturist #80 paint peggy’s cove

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United States – nudity on public lands

cfl magazine / August 1, 2019

United States naked swimming history


neo naturists

clothes free life

clothes free life