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Will Forest is the author of Co-ed Naked Philosophy and Aglow, novels that bring new contexts to naturist fiction. Based on real events, Co-ed Naked Philosophy explores the changes brought to a college community by a group of intrepid students and professors who take off their clothes to take on social conventions. Aglow follows the adventures of a historian and an art collector as they discover ancient, hidden testimonies from the 16th and 17th-century Americas that reveal a radical new understanding of nudity in nature. 1) About Will Forest

Forest was inspired naturism, (the discovery of nudity in nature),  to write. First his blog, nudescribe, then his two published novels, Co-ed Naked Philosophy and Aglow, which are also examples of naturist fictions as he defines it

Novels, novellas, or short stories, of most any genre, in which an integral aspect of the plot is the adaptation of one or more characters to social nudism in a context supportive of naturism 2)Will’s books

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