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naturist Halloween

Every wonder if naturists celebrate Halloween? Well yes they do. Even though it seems like a contradiction naturist dress down and Halloween is for dressing up naturist like to have a fun Halloween just like everyone else. Some naturists wear elaborate costumes while other find creative costumes that maintain being clothes free.

Despite preferring to be clothes free naturists still have options when it comes to “dressing up for Halloweeen. Body paint and a little imagination go a long way. 1) Let’s Get Naked for Halloween Nude figures from history Lady Godiva, or characters from movies, (Ex Dr. Manhattan from the watchmen), cartoons or comic books or even nude figures in art like Venus de milo are options.

This video documents an event from the Mexican naturist community NNG in Guadalajara. Nudity in this video is for documentary purposes. This event took place November 2nd 2019.

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