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natourism describes the growing trend among those with disposable incomes of going on naturist vacations nakation. People who are natourist typically do not practice social naturism when they are not on vacation or traveling to exotic tourist locales. This can include going on a nude cruise or visiting a clothing optional resort in a tropical location.

The rise of natourism suggests an effort in the travel industry to create new markets. 1) All-nude travel for the masses? Behind the rise of the ‘nakation’This has been spurred by the emergence of a growing number naturist vacation social media influencers. These influencers are usually couples who travel the world like other travel influencers only staying at naturist and nudist travel destinations and venues. Not all of these influencers or the venues they visit, can be credibly described as naturist. Some are more appropriately described a lifestyle or swinger travel influencers.

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