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LadyGod1va is the nom de plume of a naturist activist resident of Britain came to notability in 2010 when she posed nude on the Plinth monument in the UK 1)How It Started Inspired by something she saw on the news she decided to promote her naturist principles and invite other naturists to join her in expressing naturist freedom.

Since then LadyGod1va she has led several London WNBR events,2)LONDON WNBR and advocated for improving naturism in modern British life and beyond.3) Improving Naturism

During a recent social media purge on Twitter LadyGod1va had her twitter account deleted. She took some time to consider her participation on social media before restart and now LadyGod1va tweets at @LadygodivaLDN

She also blogs as an ambassador for at and

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