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African Americans & Africans in naturism

The term afro-naturism describes the presence and history of people of African descent in naturism.

During the so-called golden age of nudism in the United States African Americans were very much present. Though not always welcomed at Nudist clubs and camps, African American families sought to pursue the freedom and enjoyment like their European counterparts.

Some pioneering of the African Americans like EJ Samuels were instrumental challenging th naturist community of the time to set aside racism and fear to accept African Americans.

“You were born without clothes. You were born without racial hatred. You were taught to wear clothes. Likewise, you were taught racial prejudice.”

After facing down rejection from the Nudist community based on their race African American Naturist like Samuels and Matthew Bullock became leaders in their regions. Samuels and his wife were members of the De Anza Trail Club. He was the African American delegate to a nudist convention

Recently the Black Naturists Association 1)Black Nudists: Embracing the Skin You’re in with The Black Naturists Association was founded as an affiliated club with the American Association of Nude Recreation. BNA has been actively reaching out in the African American community to promote naturism. 2)Inside Her Story: ‘It’s Okay To Be Nude’ (via Black Naturist Association on Tom Joyner Show)

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