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activist naturism


Activist naturism

Some naturist groups and individuals actively seek to change laws and social norms in order to promote naturism. These activists advocates seek through individual efforts or social movements to change mainstream societies perception of social and public nudity.

The FKK free body movement in early 0th century Germany and current bare body freedom are examples of  activist movements.

Ton Dou musician, performer and activist is a leading naturist activist. He spends a considerable effort in time and resources organizing and hosting bare body freedom event to promote change in attitudes towards social naturism.

The Naturism Action Group 1)Naturism Action Group is an British naturist activist group.

The Naturist Action Committee 2)Naturist Action Committee

Not all nude protests are naturist activism.

Naturist activist groups have guides3)Grassroots Naturism: A Guide for the TNS Volunteer for individuals who want to get involved with grassroots naturist activism.

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