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na·tur·ist ˈnāCHərəst/ noun Naturist may be used more specifically to refer to those who get naked to feel closer to nature. One who believes that it is good and healthy to wear no clothes, or the activity of doing this:

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Welcome to the clothes free life naturist wiki. This naturist wiki is a guide to all things naturist  including naturism, nudism, nu gymnosophy and clothes free living. Here you may learn how to get started with naturism, nu gymnosophy and clothes fre living. and find places to visit. The naturist wiki is a free wiki. To become a contributor, simply use the edit or add article button on any wiki page and crowd source this naturist wiki.

basics of naturism
history of naturism
About the history of naturism
    naturism around the world
    Articles about naturism as practiced around the world
    naturist activities
    Naturist activities and things to do naked
    naturist issues
    Issues related to naturism. – Modern naturists face a variety of issues.
    naturist places
    Everything from public beaches to private rustic campgrounds or luxury resorts.
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    clothes free life

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