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The Naked Venus

This 1959 movie was apparently inspired by the success of the previously released N
While the nudity in the movie may have seemed salacious at the time these days it will seem quite time. I think it accurately reflects the naturist/nudist experience. Nudist camp footage shot in Europe was interspersed throughout the film.This is definitely not one of the nude exploitation films of the era. 1)IMDB This movie has all the elements for the makings of a good drama. The story pits a French wife who is a nudist against her controlling mother-in-law who thrives to wrest control of her grandchild from her mother by manipulating her son. One reviewer on IMDB described it as Kramer vs. Kramer in a nudist camp.2)IMDB review Add sub plots of gold digging ex-girl friends ambitious lawyers, helpful nudists and this is an enjoyable movie.

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