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Nudisten or Nudist is a Swedish film short from director/writer My Sandstorm. The mockumentary, follows the daily life of Kerstin, (played by Carolina Malmborg) who decides to become a nudist shortly after an unexpected break up with her boyfriend.  The language is swedish with English sub titles. While being filmed by her fake documentarian Kerstin struggles to deal with the response of the people in her town. She recounts threats of arrests from the police and penalties for being clothes free in public. Kerstin complains that the townspeople are forcing her to wear clothes while she is not forcing them to be naked. She reaches an awkward compromise to avoid future penalties or community service.

During a visit from a friend Kerstin states that she feels most like herself when she is nude. She suggests others are responsible for associating nudity and sex as her friends thinks. The movie takes the viewer inside Kerstin’s everyday clothes free life as well as her attempts to connect in the broader society. Watch the film to see how it all works out.

I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. The measured acting is not over the top for a mockumentary. The quality reflects a documentary feel. The story does a great job of depicting how ordinary people who choose to live clothes free (however they came to the practice) may struggle to find a respectful relationship between their friends family and neighbors and their clothes free preference. Take fifteen minutes to watch this you want regret it.

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Nudist (November 4, 2010)

Release Date: November 4, 2010
Starring: Carolina Malmborg, Kristina Håkansson
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 14 min
Original Title: Nudisten
Original Film Language: svenska
When Magnus left Kerstin, she decided to be naked. Always. Since then she has been fined six times.

Cast Nudist

  • Carolina Malmborg
  • Role: Kerstin Pärsson
  • Kristina Håkansson
  • Role: Friend

Crew Nudist

  • My Sandström
  • Director
  • Åsa Ewaldh
  • Producer
  • Anders Kwarnmark
  • Sound
  • Emil Eriksson
  • Colorist

clothes free life

clothes free life

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