El nudista

El Nudista – The Nudist is a journey searching for personal freedom and the enrichment of soul and mind.

Raul looks absorbed at a naked couple at the beach. When he was just 10 years old, stripped of all kind of prejudice, he understands the relationship between human body and nature. The taboo that nudity represents is a big burden for Raul, who must get rid of the vision that has taunted him in order to achieve his goal: to be nude.

It all starts with two naked bodies lying on the sand of a beach. Childhood and youth memories show the barriers of each stage before maturing, through the vision of a society marked by different prototypes and the use of the human body as an object.
What is forbidden becomes purity when looked through the eyes of a child. A return to our origin to enjoy the feeling of freedom and the contact with natural environment. The rays of the sun caressing the sand of a deserted beach. Swimming completely nude in the immensity of the ocean.



El nudista (2015)

Release Date: November 4, 2015
Genres: Drama
Runtime: min
Original Title: El nudista
Original Film Language:
Production Companies: Arsoñi Producciones, WOMA Creaciones

Cast El nudista

Crew El nudista

  • Alex Waudby
  • Director
  • Alex Waudby
  • Writer
  • Lambe J. Ruiz
  • Writer

Trailer El nudista

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clothes free life

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