more than pics

So how does this work.

It’s simple really.

No need to start a new blog unless you REALLY want to or don’t have one now.
Just begin the practice of posting more than just pics on your blog or social media. Share stories of your own experiences. Give your thoughts on hot topics around naturism,nudism and clothes free living. Report the latest naturist/nudist happenings and events.
Tag your posts with #morethanpics. Send us a tweet on Twitter, message on Instragam to be sure we know you are onboard.
We will check out your site and award the #morethanpics badge to the site we think is most deserving each week.
We will email you the badge image to place on your site where it most stay for ar least a month to get the above benefits.

That’s it we hope you will join us in this effort to UP our game online to be more effective in promoting naturism, nudism and clothes free living.

award recipients

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clothes free life

clothes free life

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