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getting started with naturism

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getting started with naturismgetting started with naturism

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  Added: <h2>Getting started with naturism clothes free living - gymnosophy .</h2>
  Added: <h3>First - awareness.</h3>
  Added: First you need to understand that being nude is natural. There is nothing wrong with it. This usually is the most difficult part of it all. Clothes are fine when they're needed. If it's warm enough to be without them, why would we wear them? That would be like switching on the air conditioning in winter to cool down your house some more.
  Added: Become aware that being nude is not sexual. The mainstream media try to convince us of that but they aren't always right with other things and they're certainly wrong about this one. Being nude for the joy of feeling no physical bounds around you is only normal. You don't wear handcuffs for fun either, do you? (Okay, some people do.)
  Added: <h3>Practice.</h3>
  Added: <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-34351" src="" alt="" width="300" height="200" />If you are new to nudism you can practice in the safety of your home. You are already naked in the shower or your bathtub. The next step would be to sleep in the nude. There are <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">several benefits to that</a>. Once you've gotten used to sleeping naked, take it further if you can.
  Added: Don't immediately put on clothes after a shower. Do a few things around the house that you would do anyway. Do be smart about it and keep curtains or blinds shut. Keep away from windows. In most countries it's even illegal to be seen naked in your own home so be careful not to get fined for feeling fine.
  Added: Watching TV, reading a book, cleaning the bathroom, all those are things you can do undressed.
  Added: <h3>Partner.</h3>
  Added: If you have a partner, don't forget to tell her or him about your intentions. Make sure you know what you're talking about also. It's easy to find more good information on naturism and nudism in this Wiki so prepare for any questions you will be asked. If you can convince your partner that this is a good way to live, you may end up venturing  into it together.
  Added: <h3>Feeling brave.</h3>
  Added: <img class="size-medium wp-image-35699 alignleft" src="" alt="" width="300" height="197" />The last step you then can take is to be nude outside your house. You can visit a proper nude sauna (many of them are bathing suit based so find out before you go in), find out about official nude parks in your area, or nudist clubs and beaches.
  Added: Going <em>socially nude</em> for the first time can be daunting but there's really not much to it. People in nudist circles aren't out to see nude people with fit bodies. They just go out to feel good and do that naked because it feels even better.
  Added: Nudists and naturists might well be the kindest, most accepting people you will find in your life.
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