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social media help

Members can create links to their social media/online presence on their profile. Then your friends here can connect with you in those places as well. To add social media link go to your profile and choose the edit option. You will find the input for the social media links on the social media tab.

When adding your social media links to your profile remember to use the full URL to your account not just your username. Ex If you only enter your user name the link will be broken.

Posting updates from your social media account to clothes free life community is a simple as copy and paste. Copy the link from the social media post or profile and post to the status on your  profile or group stream. This works for any social media link or web link not just your own. This includes Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, Reddit, Flickr, WordPress and links. Note: This only works with public links or profiles. Links from private or locked account will not be displayed.

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