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discussion board help

What are discussions?

Discussion boards are the place on clothes free life community for extended  conversations about a variety of topics. The conversations in discussions are threaded so they are easy to follow and archived for later reading by others.

Discussion topics can be started by any member and somemforums are open to guests. Topics cover a wide range of subjects related to clothes free living. Looking for a recommendation on a clothes free or clothing optional venue to visit on vacation or for the first time? Start a topic. Are you a newbie to clothes free living with questions? Start a topic. Want to share tips and tricks for your favorite video game? Start a topic!

What can you do in discussion forums?

In addition to starting a topic, you can

  • Search topics to find discussions of interest
  • Read existing topics and reply to discussions.
  • Attach and cut and paste images to topics and replies.
  • Paste links from social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube into topics/and replies.

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