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What are chat rooms?

Chat rooms on the clothes free life community is a real time communication (text chat) for all members site wide. A chat could be used to just have a causal conversation with another member or group of members. A group chat might be a regular gathering for group member to chat about particular subject like a book club or yoga group. All chats monitored and moderated.

Starting a chat

You can enter chat rooms from the chat tab of a group page or the main chat room (lobby) page.

Things you can do in chat

  • Access chat from phone or mobile device
  • Upload images from your mobile device
  • Take photos from your mobile version
  • Upload images from your own PC
  • Take pictures from your PC camera
  •  Visit more than one (up to three) chatroom at a time
  • Change text display color
  • Send multiline messages
  • Send links
  • Send emojis
  • Send audio and video (including video from YouTube) links
  • Change/set new message sound


All chats moderated. Users who violate the community conduct are subject to banning or removal from the room by moderators. VIolations of community conduct may also be reported by going to the individual profile and clicking the report button to fill out a report. Each violation that results in a ban is logged. Multiple bans from chat room may lead to banning or complete removal from the the site.

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