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Welcome to the help page.

We are excited to have you as part of a vibrant and dynamic online community. In a fragmented world where every one is doing their own thing we are committed to building an online community around nu gymnosophy. Embracing the the ideals and philosophy of naturism and the practice of nudism, we seek to create intersectional connections and community. On this page you will find guidance to support you in getting a sense of the intention of the community space, its layout, your profile and all the resources available to you. Take your time in reviewing all of the information and setting yourself up.

We encourage you first to review the policies and terms of service for the site below.

If you don’t like a something you see on the site, please use the report function that is located on every post comment and profile. If a photo is reported multiple times, it will be hidden and reviewed.

If you don’t like a user, or what they post, you may unfollow or block  using the appropriate button on their profile.

If anything is not clear about how to use the site, please use the questions group, where more experienced site members can assist you.

If you have questions post them to the support group or discussion board.

If you need additional assistance, use the contact form.


Once again, welcome to my clothes free life! We are excited about all the wonderful things you will contribute to the community, and we hope you feel supported and at home.

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This information is important to review so that you have a good sense of the intention of the Clothes Free Life community.


clothes free life

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