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If you want to submit your site for inclusion in the naturist web directory here is a  guide to help you get through the process effectively

Chances are that your place is already included in our system and that we have filled out the basics for you. . You must completely the form completely in order to submit the URL link. Please do a search first to be sure your link in not already in the directory. Whether you submit a new listing or claim an existing one there is a listing option for your needs. We have free and paid (featured, premium) listings. The paid listing covers the cost of evaluating and setting up the listing. Review the different options now. Choose your option when you add or claim your listing. Listings are checked periodically to maintain only active links and evaluate content is still suited for this directory. All links are vetted prior to being added to the directory. Note: web sites with sexually focused material and purpose will be declined. A great way to increase exposure to your site and request an unbiased review. Directory reviews are only available with our paid plans.

If so, your site is already listed use the “Claim it” link in the details page.

If your site is not listed create a new entry here: + Add Listing

To recap here is the process

  1. Search the directory
  2. Claim/Add your listing
  3. Select a listing option (see all options here)
  4. Visit your dashboard
  5. Share your listing and ask your clients/users to review your site listing.
  6. Maintain your listing

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