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img_0083Do you like Clothes Free Life? Like it enough to share something that adds something positive to the site? Well, you are in the right place.

So you’re not a full time blogger, but you still have some great things to say? No problem!

The cool thing about Clothes Free Life is you don’t have to be a professional blogger to be featured. Anyone can submit a one-time guest blog, or several guest blogs. If it passes our review process, you’ll have a live blog ready to be enjoyed by interested eyes.

So get excited, and get writing about whatever topics peak your interest. Whether it’s naturism, trip reports, politics, events, or the latest news from your club or organization, there’s a home for your piece on clothes fre life. Find your voice, be it engaging, humorous, or mind-blowing and let it be heard.

If you’re not a blogger yet, but have dreams of becoming a master, there’s never been an easier way to engage with active readers. is always looking for new contributions on subjects promoting the clothes free lifestyle.  We are always looking to add to our contributor roster to bring in fresh ideas, new stories and gorgeous art/illustrations to expand the Clothes Free Life  community. Contributors retain all rights to their material. Clothes Free Life retains the right to edit for presentation, grammar and typography.

What are we looking for?

We’re especially interested in personal essays and stories about clothes free experiences, thoughtful researched issue pieces showing unique and diverse points of view, new perspectives, smart articles of trip reports, and original art and illustrations promoting clothes free living. We want stories that you’re excited about and that you tell with your unique voice. We want to hear how you experience and express the joy of clothes free living, whether it’s hiking clothes free, writing a poem, free swimming, playing volleyball, gathering with friends or cooking in your clothes free kitchen.

We love essays that highlight creativity, different ways of thinking, positive body image, learning to live clothes free,  the challenges of clothes free life, and finding the healing power of clothes free living, (ordinary everyday clothes free experiences and moments matter to us whether big or small). We want stories that help us feel connected to the life giving benefits of clothes free living, whether it’s an essay on a transformative clothes free experience, a personal inspiration or the way current events impact your clothes free life.

What aren’t we looking for:

Anything that doesn’t further our mission to “give life to naturist ideals and nudist practice;” anything unneccsarily snarky or negative, in your face or strictly binary. That’s either/or for the moderns among us. The “I just hate clothes” stuff isn’t for us.

Who we’re looking for:

  • Ordinary, honest, thoughtful, creative people with strong writing and grammar skills with the ability to share an authentic story.
  • Artists and illustrators who want to share their work with the Clothes Free Life community.

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