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naturist in nature - take a walk on the wild side  


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07/07/2019 1:04 pm  

Naturist in nature. It isn’t  a novel idea.  July 7 is  world naturist day. We encourage naturists to take a walk on the wide side. Take a nature trail walk. Get outdoors and be a naturist in nature. Naturism is  internationally defined1)International Naturist Federation as being in nature in the wild, in our natural clothes…

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07/07/2019 1:46 pm  

In fact, the INF-FNI definition says nothing about "the wild"(

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07/07/2019 1:57 pm  

The term “in the wild” in American context is often used as a metaphor for being out in nature and engage the natural environment as in the tv series man vs wild. Also a cool play on words from the song of the same name Sorry if that was not clear to you.

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07/07/2019 2:10 pm  

Wondering if you folks read the article at all since the definition which we site is taken verbatim from the INF web site front page . We get that you all are in the travel space and have never tried to engage in that area but even a cursory review of naturism history will show that is a relatively recent expression of naturism which was rooted in a philosophy of back to nature and simple living in the outdoors which still is the core of the definition we cited. That is more accessible to the folks who read our site who are more likely to be able to find some place to get in the wild before being being able to travel the world clothes free as you have the opportunity to do. So let’s all get "wild" or to putting more explicitly get in nature!



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