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Stop and think before you compliment a nudist! | Write Nude (via Write Nude)  


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27/02/2020 7:55 am  

All of these are compliments. They’re all positive, all saying something nice about the person they’re direct at. And they’re the wrong thing to say. Wow, you look amazing nude. Your boyfriend better look out! You’re a really beautiful young woman. You’re just the kind of young person we love to see become a nudist!…

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27/02/2020 8:21 am  

This is the very thing that I feel uncomfortable about. I hear men and women alike, even seasoned nudists, who compliment others....nice this, nice that, you look great! Ive even heard men and women who claim to be nudists say, " I rocked that group, because I have the fit body". Do we want EVERYONE to feel comfortable in the nudist community? I would prefer that people focus on my interests, my love of art, nature, the way I treat others, etc.

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27/02/2020 9:35 am  

While what's stated is very accurate and true, the reality is that as a society we have become way to sensitive to simple words.

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27/02/2020 3:36 pm  

When I was doing nude acting lessons, one of the other students was stunningly beautiful. I didn't focus on her appearance, I focused on acting and because of that we became friends. She explained a bit about the hazards of "good looks."

Being beautiful means that everyone compliments you. Unless you are vanity driven, those complements are meaningless at best and often just an attempt to gain influence. They are not words to be trusted. A woman already knows what is and isn't attractive about herself. Unless you are in a relationship, bringing it up just makes you part of the crowd.

A comment on a woman's looks is usually seen as a pickup line. Coming out of the blue, it may make her uneasy. "I hardly know you but you've already started flattering me."

The rule is that a man complementing a woman on her physical appearance will be assumed to be focusing on her sexuality. End of discussion. Why? Because that is her life experience. Every woman has been paid complements of that sort as pickup lines. (Often followed by an assurance that it isn't meant as a pickup line.) Nothing you can do or say will change that. Don't try.

Focus instead on some introspection. What do you hope to gain by telling her? Most woman do not consider being told they have a pretty face or a nice body to be neutral small talk. Why do you even feel the need to complement? If you are genuinely accepting her as a person and not a physical specimen, why lead with the irrelevant? Maybe you aren't as "neutral" as you think.



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