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14/02/2020 10:28 pm  

2012 Monsoon Season We’re reminiscing back to 2012. It was a maiden cruise in the 4×4 that I had just purchased. One thing that I didn’t have for this was my camera. DF’s camera bit the dust soon after we left. It had been acting up. The result had been a picture-less report. I recently…

 Eugene Sapiano
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15/02/2020 1:54 am  

In Malta although public nudity is still illegal I have always known of unofficial nudist bays mainly Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Gnejna Bay and San Blas , Gozo are even well known outside Malta and I have never heard of a police raid, although two young Spaniards who were skinny dipping at 2.00am were reported, brought to Court and given a suspended sentence. I tried to share a petition so that unofficial nudist beaches to become official but there was a poor response. How about trying to share it here? The petition is:

 Eugene Sapiano
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15/02/2020 1:56 am  

Please sign and share this online petition:



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