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#NormaliseNaturism — The Full Vermonty  


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18/01/2020 9:02 am  

When Full Vermonty had a Twitter account, I tried to hashtag “ReclaimNudism” in response to all the pornbots that decided to follow me. It did not catch on. Shortly after I posted my last article about naturism and social media, the hashtag “NormaliseNaturism” popped up in a feed for a different account I have. It…

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18/01/2020 2:46 pm  

Beyond close friends and family, Twitter, Facebook and an awful lot of the other social media can be a waste of time and may get quite toxic. That is why I prefer the longer form medium of blogging.

The only way to normalize a thing is to just do it. And stay out of the closet as much as you are willing. I don't see the need for the closet to go away any time soon but we can always hope to decrease the need over time. Events like the World Naked Bike Ride or doing the San Francisco Bay to Breakers nude are a start. So are clothing optional places like beaches.

Not a big fan of nudist "evangelism." It usually comes off as creep guy trying to get other people's clothes off. Or people coming up with excuses for being naked. Assert it as a right, Rights need no explanation or defense. My right to do something in no way affects another person's right not to do it.

Staying anonymous or living behind locked gates offers security but does nothing to normalize nudism for the general population.



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