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Naked On The Run: A New Craze For Racing In The Nude (via Forbes)  


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09/09/2019 10:01 am  

Racing while letting it all hang out has become an ever-bigger thing. It was to be just a small race, in “total freedom,” meaning with no sartorial restraints. In other words, running naked. The organizers expected limited interest and a handful of participants. “Be bold,” the Facebook invitation read. “Come participate in the running of…

Joined: 4 years ago
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09/09/2019 10:43 am  

Nude 5Ks have become very popular here in the US with many non nudist joining in for the nude runs.

 Terry Hill, PhD
Joined: 2 months ago
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10/09/2019 3:26 pm  

It's unfortunate that it attracts mostly men. More women have to be recruited. Great idea though.

 Fred (Au Natural)
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19/09/2019 8:56 pm  

The Big One is the Bay to Breakers race across San Francisco. I've done it several times. Nowadays i am too old and out of shape to actually run, plus my knees are not like they once were. I just take it easy and walk. Manage to keep a 15 minute mile pace for the 7 miles. Most people are clothed but nudity is allowed. I wish more nudies would participate. It has declined from several hundred to only about a hundred in the last race.

Nuke 5Ks are popular out here in the areas nudist resorts. I recently did a naked mile beer run. It was easier on my knees than a full 5K of running and had the added benefit of feeling slightly tipsy when it was over.



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