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Greetings and salut...

Greetings and salutations from Spokane, WA, USA. I 'm Greenbare.  


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07/04/2018 8:56 am  

Greetings everyone.  I'm an old naked codger from Washington State, USA.  I spend some time each day on nudist web sites.  In good weather I spend time outside naked.  I put some of my naked photos on-line here.  I am an advocate of legal public bodies.  The government has no legitimate right to force us to buy and use clothing.  There is no "compelling public interest" in making human bodies illegal.  Nobody of any age has ever been harmed by the sight of a human body.  So no harm, no compelling interest, and no legitimate law.

Thank you for hosting this forum and nudist web site.

Our bodies are our most fundamental freedom. The government has no legitimate authority to control our bodies.

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07/04/2018 1:28 pm  

Welcome @greenbare looking forward to your contributions on subjects that are passionate to you

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07/04/2018 8:59 pm  

Thank you



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