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How to take a good clothes free selfie  



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Good suggestions!


This is entirely self-serving, as I am a photographer, but I'll say it anyway: find a good photographer to do the job right!

Haha OK but then by definition it wouldn't be a selfie tho. That being said I have considered getting a few professional shots done. On my clothes free bucket list just haven't found the right situation yet.

I think it's a great idea! (Of course I do). Just put some time into researching your photographers, taking note of their different styles, and references. That should lead you to a good choice-- and good results, too!

Yeah I just want to make sure it's not a sleazy character and have photos end up some where I don't want them. Once I decide to move ahead will look for someone that has been used by other clothes free folks


I shoot my selfies with a regular digital camera on a tripod using the camera's self-timer. I can shoot as many as I want until I get one that suits me. I got soured to posting nudes online after getting sexually-explicit and inappropriate comments on one site I was on, so I am very careful about where I post any nudes. I am neither and exhibitionist nor a show-off, and the whole world doesn't need to see what I look like au naturel.

I totally get that it's too bad though


I got a GorillaPod tripod for my iPhone and it's made a huge difference in my ability to take nude selfies. It's flexible so it can sit on a flat surface or wrap around railings, tree branches, chairs, etc. I was able to grab some good nudes in the snow this week with it!

That's a great tip thanks for sharing


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