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The presence of black naturist faces in white naturist spaces is an important issue. As the naturist populations ages the practice can only survive and thrive if new populations of people find a path into the naturist community. If you have followed this site, you know We are intentional about exploring the role and presence…

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Posted : 02/09/2019 10:06 am

Our resort has several black members and even staff. There are no issues here with race or color. If this is really perceived as an issue that all resorts are white owned then the black community should pony up the funds it takes to own and operate one of these places. Trying to sneak the race card into what we all enjoy is shameful.

Posted : 07/09/2019 3:53 pm


I find it shameful that you try to shut down the perspective of someone just because you don’t see it or experience it for yourself. Maybe you should try to ask a few questions and learn a bit more you make categorical statements like you did. Suggesting that because no black person has put up money to buy a resort we can’t talk about the fact that there isn’t a black resort at once misses the point and reinforces it.

Accusing someone of playing the race card  and saying some of your naturist friends are black is the usual  response to try to shut down the conversation and minimize my perspective. It will not work. Instead I invite you to try this maxim next time "Seek first to understand"

Posted : 07/09/2019 8:45 pm
 Fred (Au Natural)

IIRC people of color, blacks in particular, are the fastest growing group of self defined naturists. This is a very good thing. We had a good representation in the LA WNBR 2019.

Belonging to a landed club is not what it is cracked up to be. Expensive, a long commute, and then rules up the kazoo. Most naturists don't belong to any club at all, including caucasians.

Posted : 11/12/2019 12:30 am


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