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blessing and challe...

blessing and challenges for couples  


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09/02/2018 12:32 pm  

What are some challenges and blessings faced by naturist clothes free living couples

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16/04/2018 1:11 pm  

I am very lucky in the sense that my wife integrated into my "nudie" way of life seamlessly.  Took to it like a fish to water, haha.  We really enjoy making new friends on vacations, etc, as my wife is quite social and easy to talk to.  Our only issue really is her line of work.  We both want to tell more people that this is what we enjoy, and become more active in our community, as I'm also an admin for a local clothing optional group.  I have to be careful about what I post online or what I do in public simply because I don't want it to negatively affect her career.  It's a fine line to walk.

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29/05/2018 8:58 am  

Many of us have that concern.  We are open with friends and family but not public as a general rule.



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