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101 Things to do Naked! A Guide to 'Dress-Free' Living  


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02/02/2018 6:03 pm  

If you can imagine the audacity of wearing nothing but a smile - while planting a patio garden; if rummaging through an overstuffed wardrobe for something to wear, wears you out; if your weekly dry-cleaning bill is higher than the gas bill for your ATV; then this guide to ‘dress-free’ living is your next must-read! 101 Things to do Naked! is a nostalgic journey that conveys the qualities of naturism with infamous quotes and true life episodes. At its core is the author’s epiphany – a resurgence of the joy in living naked with her induction to cottage country. Consequently, Catherine embarks on a mission to alter a ‘clothes-minded’ society. Her humorous descriptions of plausible events, however, may keep you in stitches till the end! Tag along with cohorts Jay and Blue, hapless hubby and faithful hound, as they explore the diaphanous side of rural life. A spellbinding journal, this story encompasses four distinct seasons in Atlantic Canada: blackfly, summer, fall, and cold-as-a-witch’s-tit! Each time period accentuates the benefits as well as the risks associated with a clothing-free lifestyle. Alternative ways of dealing with public opinion, municipal roads and communal waterways are uncovered with mirth and the certitude of an adept naturist. The hilarity of being caught in the raw is exposed on every occasion with humor and unabashed acuity. Because every reader will identify with at least one or more real life situations, 101 Things to do Naked! A Guide to ‘Dress-Free Living will appeal to city slickers and cottage dwellers alike. It’s a raucous ride recommended for an immature audience. Personal Note from the Author: Growing up, I adopted the profound misconception that clothing mattered. It mattered if others could see you, it mattered if you wanted others to be seen with you, and it mattered if the weather warranted it. That was then, this is now. My present-day naturist existence is not a learned state of being however. More so, it is a reawakening of my inner child. It’s a bare bones acceptance of my body despite its gloriously flawed and natural state. No doubt, it may also be middle-aged madness gone amok. Enough said. In the realm of ‘how-to’ tutorials then, this is the one that teaches you what you already knew as a tot – that stripped down, almost everything you do is just plain better. Scroll up, click the buy button & get naked today!



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