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Clothes free life web mag is dedicated to promoting clothes free living by ordinary people. We cover a range of topics like art, music, fitness, work, and recreation from clothes free perspective. Curated news, trends and views on naturism, social nudism vents are covered. We also feature real stories and experiences about ordinary people who live life clothes free. Our contributors bring a global diverse perspective to subjects of interest or experience related to modern clothes free living. We following principles.

Nudity is not inherently sexual, the nude body is not a bad thing, and clothes free living has many benefits.

Our mission: To give life to naturist ideals and nudist practice.

Our vision is to see the normalization of clothes free living so those who choose to practice a clothes free life can be free to do so without social stigma.

What is clothes free life?

Clothes free life is the preference for engaging the non sexual activities of everday life at home, play or work without wearing clothes.

  • It is a preference not an obligation or social requirement for being clothes free
  • It is a preference for being clothes free not a hatred of clothing
  • It is a preference for enjoying the freedom to move and actively engage life without the encumbrance of clothing except where needed.
  • It is both a philosophy and a practice.
  • It is inclusive accessible to anyone regardless of race, creed, gender identity or sexual orientation. currently hosts original articles from global contributors as well as several guest contributors. Curated news and information related to clothes free living is posted daily.

Site statistics

The site has over 11000 posts In 60 different categories which have been viewed 1,700,000 times shared over 3500 times, by over 2500 visitors who have made over 5400 comments.


Since it launched as a blog in 2012 it has grown to average :85,000 Monthly Unique Visitors and 380,000
Monthly Pageviews

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