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Three naturist movies to watch while staying home from covid-19

The whole world, including naturists is affected by the global pandemic caused by covi-19. We would like to recommend three movies to watch while staying home from covi-19. Our recommendations are available through streaming.

Act Naturally

Act Naturally is the last really genuine well made naturist flick. It was released in 2013, the announced sequel Act Supernaturally has been delayed for what seems like an indeterminate amount of time. See our review. So we have to be satisfied with rewatching if previously viewed or maybe seeing for the first time. Act Naturally can be streamed on Amazon Prime or on iTunes for a small rental fee of $3.99.

Official trailer

Educating Julie

This 1984 release is a good movie to watch and discuss with anyone thinking about exploring naturism. It is a loose naturist take on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Naturists will enjoy the story as a university student explores the subject of naturism for a paper. See our review with information on the making of the movie. Educating Julie can currently be viewed on YouTube

The Nudist Story

The Nudist Story which was also released as For Members Only and Pussycats Paradise, is a movie from the 60’s era of nudie flicks when obscenity laws governing nudity were just beginning to loosen. This vintage movie is am example of the ways that filmmakers adopted to the changes in the laws while taking advantage of them. It’s worth watching for its historical perspective and entertainment value. See full review.The Nudist Story is currently available to stream for free with an Amazon Prime membership or for a small rental on Prime video. It is also currently available on YouTube

There it is three naturist movies to watch while staying home from covid-19. Stayed tuned for more curated watch lists and reading lists to get through the crisis. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of these movies. Also share your ideas for naturist activities to weather the crisis in the comments.

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