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naturist things to do while stuck at home due to covid-19

While the corona virus covid-19 may not the zombie apocalypse, many of us are sequestered at home as a result. Here are some safe naturist things to do while stuck at home.

First stay naked

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Stay naked, this is a great chance to get comfortable in your own skin and get accustomed to everyday clothes feee living. If you ever wanted to explore social naturism this is a good way to prepare by simply going about you everyday activities clothes free while you are stuck at home and indoors. After taking your next shower towel of and stay undressed. Keep your towel with you to place anywhere you are going to sit. This is a basic naturist practice that you can get used to doing before venturing out once your stay a home time has passed. Do the dishes, laundry, clean, clothes free Like a naturist. Do any or all household chores without putting any clothes on. Then when you are done try some of the other ideas below for naturist things to do while you are stuck at home.

read a naturist book naked

Did you know there is a whole genre of books called naturist fiction? If you are an avid reader and enjoy fiction novels there are several naturist authors who have written books you would enjoy. Two of my favorites are Mirror Earth by P.Z. Walker and Coed Naked Philosophy by Will Forest. If non fiction is more your style consider Naked at lunch by Mark Haskell or Naked by Brian Hoffman. Both of these explore the development and current practice of naturism and nudism. Discover more options on our naturist bookshelf Then drop your clothes and pick up a book while stuck at home.

family naturist movie night

You might not be able to go out to a movie but with streaming technology that should stop you from doing a naturist family movie night. There are several naturist moves that can be rented or viewed for free over streaming. You can discover naturist movies, reviews and curated watch lists in the naturist movie database (NMDb). Vintage nudist movies like the The Nudist Story can sometimes be viewed for free on Amazon Prime. A more recent naturist movie Act Naturally is available for rent o line from a variety of sources.


do naturist yoga

Can’t get to your favorite yoga class while stuck at home, no worries use the internet. Grab your smart phone or tablet roll out your yoga mat. Check out are free options and paid options for use. Naked in Motion has nude yoga classes online through Patreon. Nu Reveal yoga has classes on Vimeo. Naked Yoga school also on Vimeo has a huge library of yoga and other fitness classes available for viewing after purchase. Yoga Undressed has three DVD classes available for streaming on their web site. When you exhaust the nude yoga options try some of the best instructors who aren’t clothes free. If you don’t have a yoga mat try use a large beach towel. If yoga isn’t your thing then try doing your fitness workout clothes free.

write a naturist blog

If you have ever thought about starting a blog or podcast there might not be a better time than when you are stuck at home.  Here are some tips for getting started with a naturist blog. is a popular free blogging platform. is similar to WordPress but for podcasts. Both provide access to their platforms through apps and internet browsers.if you don’t feel like starting your own blog or podcast then consider contenting with other naturists In an online community. Exploring a new naturist friendly online social media platform like MEWE is also something worth doing while stuck at home.

If these suggestions aren’t enough to keep you occupied check out 101 things to do naked for more ideas of naturist things to do while stuck at home. Don’t forget naturist meditation is worth doing to clamcalm and center your mind.

Seated meditation with prayer hands


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