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From Hatred to Love in Eight Short Weeks (via British Naturism)

As I write this article on 23rd of March 2020, I have been a Naturist for just two months. However, it has been a life transforming two months and what follows is the story of how, in just a few short weeks Naturism has taken me on a journey from absolutely hating my own body – to the point of not even looking at myself in the mirror getting out of the bath – to a feeling of complete acceptance of myself, lumps, bumps, wobbly bits, and all.

On January 14th I went on a date with a lovely man called Peter, who is a naturist. I had heard of nudists before, and knew it wasn’t anything weird, or sexual, but I’d never actually met one in the flesh before. (Please pardon the pun! Also just to be clear Peter was fully clothed on our date!!).

We hit it off straight away and Peter made it very clear how important naturism was to him. His face lit up when he told me about how he became a naturist and his journey since then. I knew then and there if I wanted a relationship with this man I would have to give naturism a go at the very least. If I didn’t like it, at least I’d have tried it. Peter put no pressure on me at all to try, but I could see what it meant to him. As someone who believes couples should enjoy things together as much as possible, I knew I had to try. Peter had brought me a very helpful BN booklet which I read on the train home

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