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Anatomy of Cartoons: The Spice of Life and The Secret Life of a Naturist

I like the process of creating cartoons from the writing to sketching to the final version of what I envisioned in my mind. These cartoons were started at the HRM Making Comics Group on February 15th. I had my tablet with my scripts for The Spice of Life # 81 and The Secret Life of a Naturist # 112. I did very fast sketches in the two hour alotted before continuing in my studio. I fleshed out the pencil work a little more and once I was happy with the result, I inked them and erased my pencil marks. The next step is the colouring process which always begin with the flesh tones and then shadowing. That then gets blended to smooth it out and I can then proceed with the hair and clothing. Once all of my colours are done, I scan each page and then process the title and speech balloon and add a colour filter to make it pop with my publishing tool. The finished product makes it stand out when adding to my social media platforms. I hope you enjoyed a behind the scene look at the creative process. As always, stay creative and Naked. Fabien

About the author: Fabien Lutz-Barabé

Artist and Naturist. Last of 11 siblings born in Laval Quebec, now living in Nova Scotia with my husband John.

I am a self-taught artist and have always loved to draw. I created his first comic book super-hero when he was six and over the span of 20 years created 90 books. My biggest fans were the many nieces and nephews of my large family. I had my first published cartoon strip "The Spice of Life" in two local Montreal papers from 1993 to 1995. Created a spinoff in 2018 called The Secret Life of a Naturist.

I moved to Nova Scotia in 1997 and started to paint watercolours after falling in love with the province and its people. John then introduced to acrylics in 2006 and had a few paintings in auctions for local charities. I am a tongue cancer survivor that I was operated for in November of 2016. I enjoy living life to the fullest and being nude as much as possible. I enjoy swimming, reading, yoga and meditation.


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  2. Eugene Sapiano February 23, 2020
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